• Our Mission and Vision

    Our Mission and Vision

    Five elements make up Unicon’s exceptional client service formula

    • We anticipate our clients’ needs and are forthright in our views to ensure the best outcome for them
    • We are clear, open and swift in all our communications
    • We deliver what we promise — every day, for every client
    • We provide the right environment for our people and the right people for our clients
    • We create value through giving clients up to date ideas and valuable insight and advice that they can trust


    Unicon consistently delivers exceptional client service that truly stands out, to domestic and multinational clients. The exceptional service we deliver throughout our integrated global network is rooted in the strong relationships we develop with each of our clients. We invest our time to get to know what really matters to them and fulfill their unique complex needs.

    Our people have the highest technical and commercial skills and live by the highest business ethics. Because our partners adopt an entrepreneurial approach to our business, they take the same approach with that of our clients along with competencies which allow to achieve each of our clients’ unique goals. Our in-depth knowledge of national regulations combined with an understanding of our clients’ local business needs allow us to offer our clients commercially astute and honest opinions. We offer up to date ideas that work here and now, valuable insight and advice clients can trust.

    We continuously strive to give our international clients the best possible service through our seamless global network. We offer the exceptional client service to Russian clients in 158 countries. Our objective is to provide our Russian clients with a uniform Unicon client experience wherever a Russian company has a current or planned presence. We offer our clients a full scope of services which includes audit, financial advisory, tax and legal, system integration and business advisory, and business process outsourcing, while following the industry approach and using the BDO network industry expertise. We are also able to advise Russian companies who are looking to enter international financial markets.

    We intend to become an employer of choice in professional services. Common corporate values and principles are in place in all BDO companies, which are to ensure the creation of a unified team and the atmosphere of credibility, mutual understanding and support. We inspire our people and provide them with the best in training, opportunity and reward. We trust our people to use their skills and experience to deliver the exceptional service clients expect.